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Hopi Pueblo Hemsona - He Cuts Your Hair Katsina Doll - C4050i

Category: Kachina - Katsina | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Wed, Apr 4th 2018, 11:15am


Hopi Pueblo Katsina doll - C4050iThis katsina is a Runner Katsina and one of the very few Runners who consistently appear in elaborate costuming. Normally, Runners wear very little clothing, to facilitate speed in running. He appears on all three Mesas and his action is to catch another katsina and cut off a lock of his hair.


Most of the dances that are given in the plaza in late spring are accompanied by additional katsinas who may not be dancers.  Often a group of katsinas known as Wawarus Katsinas or runners will appear and run races with the men and boys of the village.  They come in the late spring, either as a group or as individuals, during a pause in a Mixed or Plaza Dance. Usually they will select one end of the Plaza and, assembling there, will endeavor to have an individual race.  If there are many Wawarus, there will be a great churning about with one or another racing down the length of the Plaza and others prancing up and down to ready themselves for the coming contest.


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