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Transitional Period Navajo Rug, circa 1890-1910 - C3891A

Category: Other Art Objects | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Sat, Mar 25th 2017, 2:05pm

Navajo Indian Rug C891ANavajo blankets were of a size to comfortably wear.  Generally, they were of banded patterns in a horizontal stripe and with no border.  When the traders began asking the women to weave rugs, the weavers chose familiar banded patterns, enlarged the size, and made the yarn looser and thicker.  This lasted for 20 years or so before a more definite rug pattern developed.  This 20-year period has been recognized as a period of transition from blanket to rug and has been designated the Transitional Period of Navajo weaving, and the textiles from this period are known as Transitional Rugs.


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