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Western Apache Very Large Pictorial Basket - C4082A

Category: Baskets | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Thu, Jul 19th 2018, 2:12pm


Apache Indian Basket - C4082AThe Western Apaches were not a single tribe, but consisted of five separate and completely independent tribes-the Cibecue, San Carlos, White Mountain, and Northern and Southern Tonto.  They are now considered collectively as Western Apache.

The Western Apache were of less trouble to the United States Government in the 19th century than some of the more aggressive Apache tribes. They were not displaced by the military like the more belligerent Apache of other tribes.  As a result, they retained their lands and much of their culture. Their fine basketry is the best known of the Apache tribes and they are treasured by museums and collectors.

This large Native American Basket bowl likely dates to the very early 20th century and features a design that is most unusual.  The large rectangular panels on the inner wall resemble windows or tall buildings. 

Traditionally, and in this basket, the foundation was made from a grouping of three willow rods.  They were placed so tightly together that it appears to be a single rod. The stitches also were made from willow.  The black areas are of devil's claw. The brown circle of the center of the basket and the brown rim are standard and rarely change.  Between these two areas, the design was from the mind of the weaver.




Apache Basket - C4082A




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