Southwest Indian Pottery: Modern

Origin: Cochiti Pueblo, KO-TYIT

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Southwest Indian Cochiti Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art

Adobe Gallery has always had a fascination with Cochiti Pueblo figurative pottery.  The gallery was instrumental in bringing Cochiti figurines—animals, storytellers, nacimientos—to the attention of the public.  The gallery had exhibits of such pottery as early as 1980 and published a catalog of figurines in 1982.  Adobe Gallery worked with Barbara Babcock, author of the book “The Pueblo Storyteller,” and with Guy and Doris Monthan, authors of “Nacimientos”.

The gallery specializes in contemporary and historic pottery from Cochiti as well as paintings by early Cochiti artists.  Storytellers by Helen Cordero and other 20th century Cochiti potters are a regular feature at the gallery, as are historic pottery dough bowls, ollas, and storage jars.