Original Oil Painting "Northern New Mexico Aspens"


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Carl Von Hassler, Southwest Painter

This is an oil painting executed in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains north of Santa Fe near the Tesuque River. Carl Von Hassler often painted on site in areas in Northern New Mexico. He particularly liked the small Northern New Mexico villages between Santa Fe and Taos.


In his early years in Albuquerque, Carl Von Hassler's studio was in the original Casa de Armijo (now La Placita Restaurant) in Old Town Albuquerque. He is best known for his traditional realistic landscapes of New Mexico and his Indian portraits.


The artist used a combination of paintbrush and palette knife in this painting, resulting is a marvelous three-dimensional effect. This is one of Von Hassler’s finest works. Undated.

Condition: original condition

Provenance: From the collection of a long-time resident of Albuquerque


Carl Von Hassler, Southwest Painter
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