Original Painting of Kewa Pueblo Storage Jar by Roseta Santiago


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Roseta Maria Santiago, New Mexico Painter

Original Painting of Kewa Pueblo Storage Jar by Roseta Santiago, titled Artifact 1, is bathed in warm light and rests on a dark wood plank. The brown of the wood repeats the brown of the lower section of the jar. Her fascination with pottery of the past is evident in her treatment of this jar. She has placed it alone so its beauty can be appreciated without distraction. It is to be appreciated as a treasured object.

Roseta Santiago is a Renaissance woman who paints in a Renaissance style, reminiscent of the work of Rembrandt. Her acute sense of lighting an object she plans to paint is remarkable. Roseta started her Santa Fe art career painting objects such as a single pueblo jar or bowl sitting on a wood plank, lighted perfectly to enhance the shape of the object and surrounded by a large black canvas so the viewer could concentrate only on the painted object.

Like many who have moved to Santa Fe from the East coast, Santiago fell in love with the culture of the state and the fascinating landscape surrounding the city. She immediately gravitated to objects of Indian art and then to painting the pueblo peoples. She presents to the viewer a single object that she wishes him or her to see. Most people's minds are filled with distractions and it is her intent as a painter to present a beautiful object without distractions.


Condition: this Original Painting of Kewa Pueblo Storage Jar by Roseta Santiago is in original condition

Provenance: from the artist

Reference and Recommended Reading: SANTIAGO Conversations in Paint Language, the Art of Roseta Santiago by Bob Saar, et. al.  

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Roseta Maria Santiago, New Mexico Painter
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