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Original Painting "Taos Indian On Horseback"


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Don Brackett (1932- )

This painting depicts a Taos Pueblo Indian man riding a horse. In the background is a Taos Pueblo female standing near an horno, backed by an adobe house. The painting is typical of Brackett’s style of capturing landscapes in loose but not in a literal sense, yet recognizable.

Brackett and his wife now live in Taos, but he originally was a native of Albuquerque. He attended the University of New Mexico as a fine arts major under the tutelage of Taos painter Kenneth Adams.

For more than 30 years, Brackett has been painting en plein air. He enjoys going on-site and painting or sketching for the full day. He then works in his studio refining and sometimes re-defining the paintings he has worked on outside.


Don Brackett (1932- )
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