Original Painting of Sotungtaka - Corn Katsina [SOLD]


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T. T. Dashee

The katsina pictured here is one of the Corn katsinas. There is a typed label on verso that reads KAö KATCHINTA"A A M'. There is a Hopi Katsina named Qa'ö which also is a Corn Katsina, however, the image in this painting more closely resembles the Sotungtaka - Corn Katsina than that of the Qa'ö - Corn Katsina. Regardless, I think it is established that the image is that of a Corn Katsina.

Sacred Corn is very important to the Hopi, as it means life. It is not unusual for there to be a number of Corn Katsinas in the Hopi pantheon.

This painting is signed in lower right with a signature that looks to be T. T. Dashe, but it is weak and not clearly discernable. I can find no published references for such an artist; however, the painting came with a group of circa 1930s paintings, all by former students of Fred Kabotie so it is quite possible that this was another student of Kabotie as well.

The Original Painting of Sotungtaka Katsina is truly an outstanding representation of the Hopi katsina. The execution of the watercolor paints was with utmost precision and care and demonstrates that the artist was well trained. The painting is in overall very good condition.


Provenance: this Original Painting of Sotungtaka Katsina is unique property of Dr. and Mrs. Harold Dunbar Corbusier who had a home in Santa Fe on Old Santa Fe Trail. It was passed down by them to their daughter, Frances Corbusier O'Brien, who, in turn, passed it down to her son, Dr. David S. O'Brien, the current owner. It has been in this same family for three generations.




T. T. Dashee
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