Apache Gaan Dancer Silver Pin with Brass Star by Jan Loco [SOLD]


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Jan Loco, Apache Jeweler

Apache artist Jan Loco used her signature labor-intensive process to shape and texturize this silver and bronze Mountain Spirit or Gaan Dancer jewelry pin. Using heavy duty shears to cut the silver and special pounding stones to create the texture, she fashioned a likeness of a traditional Apache Gaan dancer who participates in the Apache Crown Dance.

Crown Dancing is an ancient, sacred dance tradition of the Apache. According to ancestral belief, the dance was taught to the Apaches by the mountain spirits as a means of healing. The dancers represent Gaan or mountain spirits. Apaches believe that Usen, the Creator, sent the Gaan to the Apache to teach them to live in harmony.

Jan Loco was one of the most innovative and creative artists of the late 20th century. Her metal work is distinctively unique and since she is no longer making jewelry, it is becoming harder and harder to find. It’s a thrill every time we receive a piece of her jewelry. This Apache Dancer pin is unlike any we’ve seen. The artist cut and hand hammered a mountain spirit dancer that seems to come alive. At the center of the dancer is a four pointed bronze star. The pin is signed on the back with her signature and the name of the piece, “Dancer.”

Condition: The Apache Gaan Dancer Silver Pin with Brass Star by Jan Loco  is in excellent condition. 

Provenance: From a jewelry collection in Colorado

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Jan Loco, Apache Jeweler
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