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Charles Loloma Small Gold Earrings


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Charles Loloma (1921-1991)

Charles Loloma’s influence on Southwest Indian Jewelry design is unmistakable.  An entire generation of Native American artists was inspired by his work to create in new and innovative ways. His own creations far exceeded anything by any other artist. His work ushered in a new era in Indian jewelry.  Ironically his initial submissions to the Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial were rejected as not “looking Indian enough.” By 1970, his jewelry was finding a wide audience of collectors. He had acquired a large national and international audience.  Interest in his jewelry has continued today even though he has been gone for over two decades.

These small gold earrings are an example of Loloma’s creativity. It appears that Loloma preceded advertising his product with his name on the visible side before Gucci and others started displaying their names on their products.  The artist’s hallmark is stamped on the front of each earring. His name on the face of each earring is the design.

Condition: The earrings are in excellent condition. There is a size difference between the two, but it is not apparent when they are on the ears. One measures 5/16” square and the other measures ⅜” square.  The smaller one is more domed than the larger one which is probably the reason for the size differences.

Provenance: The Charles Loloma Small Gold Earrings are from a Santa Fe resident who purchased them at Santa Fe East in Austin, Texas forty years ago.

Recommended Reading: Contemporary Southwestern Jewelry by Diana Pardue

Charles Loloma (1921-1991)
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