Historic Santa Clara Pueblo Blackware Jar with Crescent Impressions [SOLD]


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Potter Once Known

This historic blackware pottery jar was made by an unknown Santa Clara Pueblo artist. The vessel's shape is a traditional Tewa water jar form, which dates back centuries. It features a wide base, a sharp shoulder, a neck that curves inward, and a fluted rim. The maker of this piece added her own personalized touch in the form of a band of crescent-shaped impressions, which circles the jar's shoulder. This is a unique and appealing design variation that we have not seen on similar vessels. The fluted rim designs could indicate rain clouds as this is a water jar.

Except for the slightly concave base, the entirety of the jar's exterior is polished. The polished slip extends about an inch down into the interior as well. The piece is neither polished to glossy perfection nor given the rougher treatment of utilitarian pieces. Rather, it's somewhere in between, and the piece is better for it. The jar has a unique look, due to both the impressed designs and the way the piece is polished. This is a fine example of Santa Clara pottery.

Condition: excellent condition, a few light abrasions; minor professional restoration of the rim area.

Provenance: this Historic Santa Clara Pueblo Blackware Jar with Crescent Impressions is from a private collection

Recommended Reading: Pottery of the Pueblos of New Mexico 1700-1940 by Jonathan Batkin

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Fluted rim designs may indicate rain as this is a water vessel.


Potter Once Known
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