Hopi Contemporary Pottery Pictorial Tile [SOLD]


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Gwen Sharon Setalla (b.1964-) Aȁs-kữ-Mana

Gwen Sharon Setalla (b.1964-) Aȁs-kữ-Mana is a Hopi from the village of Mishongnovi on Second Mesa.  Her mother is Pauline Setalla from Mishongnovi.  They are of the Frog Woman and Feather Woman families.  The family lived on a ranch not far from Keams Canyon and Gwen spent her early childhood there.  She learned pottery making from her mother, starting as early as age 5 and began to take it seriously by age 21. 


Artist Signature Hallmark - Gwen Sharon Setalla (b.1964-) Aȁs-kữ-ManaGwen makes pottery tiles as thin as 1/16th inch, thinner than those of any other potter of which I am aware.  This tile features the image of Qöqöle, a katsina that appears during the Soyal Ceremony.  He comes with a large group of many Qöqöle and their manas on the last day of the ceremony.


Condition: excellent

Provenance: from the collection of a family from Oklahoma which is downsizing its massive collection of Native American art.

Recommended Reading:  Hopi & Pueblo Tiles an Illustrated History by Kim Messier & Pat Messier

Gwen Sharon Setalla (b.1964-) Aȁs-kữ-Mana
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