Hopi First Mesa Shalako Katsina Doll, circa 1960s [SOLD]


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Carver Unknown


According to a Hopi Pueblo First Mesa resident, this is one of the First Mesa Hopi Shalako Katsinas who is still "danced" and, in one sense, replaces the tall Hopi Shalako who no longer dances at First Mesa because no successors have ever been appointed for them.

This Shalako appears only at First Mesa, and he usually is a line dancer appearing at the end of a line, who at one time accompanied the Shalako Katsinas.  This Katsina is originally from the Zuni, and it is believed that this is the costume worn under the tall Shalako costume at Zuni.

The clothing consists of the traditional Hopi embroidered kilt, traditional embroidered wide sash, leather cape, fox tail and a velvet shirt with colorful ribbons.  The helmet style head piece is elaborately decorated.  It appears that this carving dates to the 1960s.


Condition:  The carving is in overall excellent condition with the only damage having been a broken left foot which has been carefully glued back in place.  The break is almost indistinguishable from the original condition.

Provenance: from a Santa Fe resident


Carver Unknown
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