Historic Hopi Pueblo Polychrome Pottery Bowl with In-curving Rim [SOLD]


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

This historic Hopi pottery bowl was beautifully constructed with a graceful curve from its base to the rim.  The exterior is bathed in wonderful fire clouds.  The interior features an uncluttered precisely executed design that starts with a square in the bottom of the bowl and with appendages from the four corners of the square.  The patina is that of a well-used and lovingly-handled bowl.  The color is warm and rich.  Overall, this historic pottery bowl's design work is very beautiful to look at and its age and condition make it quite collectible.

A close study of the design reveals that the pair of heads and the pair of square volutes are in a rotational style similar to that of the "Whirling Log" design or Swastika. It may represent a rotational force or maybe an energy force such as wind. Perhaps it is only a pleasing design without a meaning. As analysts, we always tend to dig deeper for meanings in pueblo pottery designs when we should just enjoy the work and not attempt to guess what the potter was thinking or expressing. It is a well crafted bowl with an interesting and appealing design.


Condition: very good condition with some wear pattern on the interior

Provenance: this Historic Hopi Pueblo Polychrome Pottery Bowl with In-curving Rim is from a gentleman in Santa Fe

Recommended ReadingHOPI AND HOPI-TEWA POTTERY - Published in Plateau, volume 49

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Alternate side view of this Hopi Pueblo pottery bowl.


Pueblo Potter Unknown
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