Hopi Pottery Tile by Patricia Honie


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Patricia Honie, Hopi Pueblo Pottery

Artist signature of Patricia Honie, Hopi Pueblo, ArizonaThis pottery tile was made by Patricia Honie (1919-2001). The design on the face of the tile is that of a bird, likely of an eagle. Honie signed her name on the reverse. If the tile is rotated so that the signature is upright, then the bird's head is upside down, so it is likely that the tile should be displayed with the beak in the upright position with the three red triangles at the top.

Most potters on the Hopi Reservation are descendants of the Indians from the New Mexico Rio Grande Valley pueblos that moved to the Hopi Reservation during the Spanish conquest of the Southwest. They are referred to as Hopi-Tewa and they live mostly on First Mesa in a village given to them by the Hopi.

There are other potters at Hopi who trace their origins to the Hopi, not the Tewa Indians. Among them are Patricia Honie and her sister Juanita Healing. Both sisters are from the village of Sichomovi on First Mesa.

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this Hopi Pottery Tile by Patricia Honie is from the collection of a client of Adobe Gallery

Recommended Reading: Modern Hopi Pottery by Kathryn A. Sikorski, Utah State University

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Alternate side view of this pottery tile.

Patricia Honie, Hopi Pueblo Pottery
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