Unidentified Carving Apparently Representing Palhik’mana from the Fred Harvey Collection [SOLD]


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Carver Unknown

Although this carving is part of the collection promoted as from the Fred Harvey Company Advertising Department, it does not represent an identifiable Hopi katsina.  It appears to be representing the Palhik’mana or other katsinas with the rainbow chin, but it is not accurate for any of them.  There is no explanation we can offer for this.  The carving was executed well and the painting is a little primitive but acceptable.  There is a long lateral crack running down the back of the doll.

The carving is mounted on a square black wood platform of the style used by the Fred Harvey Company on many of its katsina dolls.  There are no other identifying markings to indicate a Fred Harvey provenance, however the doll is part of the collection with that provenance. The doll is in very good condition.

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Close up view of this Hopi Pueblo Katsina.

Carver Unknown
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