An Elaborate and Exquisite White Buffalo Katsina


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Carver Unknown

This Hopi carving of a White Buffalo is very elaborate with the many detailed additions to the wood carving.  There is white rabbit fur on the head, embellished with feathers.  He wears a leather kilt with painted designs and fringed bottom.  Around his waist is a string of seashells, and a long wood paddle.  Leather arm bands, ankle bands, and a bandolier across the chest further enhance the overall appeal.  The lower legs, lower arms, and chest are decorated with white dots on black background.

One of the functions of the Buffalo Katsina is to bring the cold.  He appears mostly in the winter months.  He also serves the overall function of prayers for good health, good crops, and a good harvest.  He is more sacred than other buffalos because of his character as a white buffalo.  

There is another white buffalo which is a social dancer, not a katsina, which  most likely originated at the Tewa village at First Mesa.

What is a Kachina?

Condition: very good condition with some damage to feathers and soiling of the white rabbit fur.

Provenance: this An Elaborate and Exquisite White Buffalo Katsina is from the collection of a gentleman from California

Reference: Kachinas Spirit Beings of the Hopi, with art by Neil David, Sr., Avanyu Publishing

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Close up view of the face of this Katsina doll.

Carver Unknown
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