Hopi Pueblo Pang - Mountain Sheep or Ram Katsina Doll [SOLD]


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Carver Unknown

It is believed by the Hopi that Katsinas embody the spirits of living things and the spirits of ancestors who have died and become a part of nature. It is believed that Katsinas possess powers over nature. Katsinas are personated by men of the village and, in doing so, they become the supernatural with all the powers associated with the supernatural Katsinas. As supernatural beings, they may cure disease, grow corn, bring clouds and rain and reinforce discipline and order in the Hopi world.

Animal Katsinas, in addition to possessing the functions mentioned, have the power to strengthen the chance of abundant animals for hunting season. Hunting animals for the Hopi is not a sport but a necessity for provisions for the winter. There are Katsinas representing Deer, Antelope, Rams and other hunt animals. This Katsina doll represents the Mountain Sheep or Ram Katsina.

This carving pre-dates the advent of acrylic paints in the 1960s. It appears to date from the period of pre-World War II.  Dolls with their arms tucked in close to the torso generally pre-date the 1930s and this one certainly is from the 1930s to mid-1940s.  Except for the real feathers, it is totally of wood and paint.  It stands securely but does have a string to facilitate hanging.

Condition:  It is in remarkable condition for its age. There is some paint loss but nothing of great significance. It appears that the fronts of the feet have been broken and replaced or re-attached.

Provenance: this Hopi Pueblo Pang - Mountain Sheep or Ram Katsina Doll is from a private collection

Recommended Reading: Following the Sun and Moon: Hopi Kachina Tradition by Alph Secakuku

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Carver Unknown
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