Hopi Sikya Heheya - The Yellow Heheya Katsina Doll


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Artist Unknown

The Yellow Heheya belong to Second Mesa, Hopi Pueblo and are the Ogre’s main helpers in those villages.  They carry ropes to threaten the children or to lasso the unwary onlooker. As the food is gathered in the village throughout the day, they carry it back to the kiva where it is stored until evening.

During the dance in the evening these katsinas behave in a lewd and lecherous manner until batted into line by Soyok’Mana.  Oddly enough the dolls are not often carved although a similar katsina on Third Mesa, Toson Heheya, appears quite often.

This carving of the Yellow Heheya is not signed with the name of a carver.  His body is painted yellow with red warrior marks on arms and legs. His lower legs are wrapped in fabric and he wears a fur covering on his upper body and on top of his head.

Condition: this Hopi Sikya Heheya (The Yellow Heheya) Katsina Doll is in very good condition, no known damage or repairs

Provenance: from the extensive collection of katsina dolls from an Oklahoma family

Reference: Hopi Kachinas - The Complete Guide to Collecting Kachina Dolls by Barton Wright

Close up view of the Katsina face.

Artist Unknown
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