Long Necked Red and Sienna Jar with Elk and Turquoise


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Russell Sanchez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Artist

Artist signature of Russell Sanchez, San Ildefonso Pueblo ArtistThis jar by award winning artist Russell Sanchez (1966-) of San Ildefonso Pueblo stands alone among modern pueblo pottery. Russell created a jar with a rounded lower section and a tall and graceful neck. The jar was created from the natural beige clay over which was applied a red slip, both colors beautifully highly burnished. To frame the red slip, there are two bands of micaceous gray which themselves are framed in an upper and lower string of heishi. An elk is the center item of design. It was created by pecking away the red slip, leaving the elk in matte finish. A gorgeous Lone Mountain turquoise gemstone rests on the elk's body. The elk design has spiritual significance for the artist. The four strands of heishi were created by the Calabazas of Kewa Pueblo, makers of the finest heishi. The jar is signed with the name of the artist.

Just a few of the accolades for award winning artist Russell Sanchez

2017 Winner – New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence, a prestigious annual celebration of New Mexico’s diverse artist community.  This art award, presented annually since 1974, serves as lifetime achievement laurels for artists whose work has become part of the state’s aesthetic tapestry, as well as for scholars and benefactors who have helped sustain New Mexico’s vibrant cultural atmosphere.

2022 Winner - Best of Show for Santa Fe's Indian Market.

Condition: new condition

Provenance: this Long Necked Red and Sienna Jar with Elk and Turquoise is from the estate of a Santa Fe resident

Recommended Reading: Art of Clay: Timeless Pottery of the Southwest by Lee Cohen

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Alternate close-up view of the neck of this pottery vessell.

Russell Sanchez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Artist
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