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Louie Ewing (1908-1983)

In the 1940s, the Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe published several series of silkscreen prints by Santa Fe artist Louie Ewing.  Each series contained 6 silkscreen prints and each print was placed in a brown paper folder with the title on the front and a description and explanation of the article of the silkscreen print.

The First Series was published in 1942-43 in an edition of 500 copies, exclusively for “Members of the Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico.”  This series is no longer available.

This Second Series was published in 1944 in an edition of 500 copies, also exclusively for Laboratory members. This Second Series includes the following silkscreen prints (click on any image for a larger view):

I.	A Tularosa JarI.        A Tularosa Jar →






II.	Chihuahua Polychrome OllaII.       ← Chihuahua Polychrome Olla







III.	Four-Mile Polychrome BowlIII.      Four-Mile Polychrome Bowl →






IV.	A Nazca JarIV.       ← A Nazca Jar





V.	A Mimbres BowlV.        A Mimbres Bowl →






VI.	A Secret Ceremonial Bird JarVI.       ← A Secret Ceremonial Bird Jar








This posting features the six portfolios of silkscreen prints from the Second Series.  All the silkscreen prints are in excellent condition.  The portfolio covers show evidence of their age in that some are soiled and some are separated at the spine.  The portfolio cover for number VI is missing.  Each of the silkscreen prints is signed in pencil by the artist.

Provenance: this MASTERPIECES OF PRIMITIVE AMERICAN ART - Second Series is from the collection of a family from Artesia, New Mexico


Louie Ewing (1908-1983)
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