Multicolored Tall Neck Jar by Tse-Pé [SOLD]


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Tse-Pé Gonzales, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter

Artist signature of Tse-Pé Gonzales, San Ildefonso Pueblo PotterThis jar has a rounded base supporting a tall neck that rises from the mid-point of the jar. The design is restricted to the shoulder of the jar and is an Avanyu water serpent in polished black that was achieved by the artist pecking away the clay surrounding the serpent. A single turquoise heishi bead was placed for the eye of the serpent. A 1-½" polished black neck extends above the design band. Below the design band is a wide polished black rib that is separated by a recessed red thin band from the polished globular body. The top inch of the neck was returned to a sienna state by addition of an outside heating source. The jar is signed TP in Tse-Pé's co-joined style.

Tse-Pé Gonzales (1940- 2000) was the son of Rose Gonzales. He married Dora Gachupin of Zia Pueblo and she moved to San Ildefonso. Dora brought her knowledge of Zia pottery construction with her to San Ildefonso. She and Tse-Pé studied with Rose, learning not just the San Ildefonso style but also the style of San Juan Pueblo. Rose Gonzales was originally from San Juan Pueblo where a carving tradition existed. It is believed she brought the carving tradition to San Ildefonso. It could be said that Dora and Tse-Pé were blending three different pottery cultures. They were among the first innovators at San Ildefonso, experimenting with green slip, micaceous slips, and stone heishi inlay along with sgraffito carving techniques. The couple worked and collaborated with other San Ildefonso potters who were also experimenting with new ideas.

Tse-Pé, like other male potters of the 1970s, was not content to produce pottery in the style that was considered traditional or woman's work at that time. He rapidly developed a very contemporary style-mixing matte and polished surfaces on the same pottery, adding turquoise, using green slip for accent, and adding sienna to black wares. These are what distinguish his pottery from traditional pottery of the time.

This large jar is a wonderful example of the innovation and stylistic experimentation for which Tse-Pé is known. The jar is perfectly constructed; solid and symmetrical. Small pads have been attached to the underside to protect the signature. Based on recorded records, the jar dates to 1979.

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this Multicolored Tall Neck Jar by Tse-Pé is from the estate of a resident of Santa Fe who purchased it in August1979 from a Santa Fe individual.

Recommended Reading: Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham

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Alternate view of this pottery vessel.

Tse-Pé Gonzales, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter
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