Diné of the Navajo Nation Fred Harvey Style Hoop Dancer Turquoise Earrings [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

These little hoop dancer earrings are cut and stamped out of sterling silver. Each dancer has two hoops, and each has a single turquoise cab.  These are for pierced ears. They are contemporary.

The Native American Hoop Dance is a form of storytelling dance incorporating anywhere from 1 to 30 hoops as props, which are used to create both static and dynamic shapes, or formations, representing various animals and storytelling elements. It is generally performed by a solo dancer with many hoops. During the dance, shapes are formed in storytelling rituals such as the butterfly, the eagle, the snake, and the coyote, with the hoop symbolizing the never-ending circle of life. Native American hoop dance focuses on very rapid moves, and the construction of hoop formations around and about the body. The hoops used are typically of very small diameter (1-2.5 feet). In elaborate sequences of moves, the hoops are made to interlock, and in such a way they can be extended from the body of the dancer to form appendages such as wings and tails. The hoops are often handmade by the dancers out of simple plastic piping (though some are made of wood) and wrapped in colorful tapes. (Wikipedia)

Condition: new condition

Provenance: these Diné of the Navajo Nation Fred Harvey Style Hoop Dancer Turquoise Earrings are from a resident of Colorado

Recommended Reading: Jewelry by Southwest American Indians: Evolving Designs by Nancy Schiffer

Alternate view from the side which shows the hoops.