Diné Silver Repoussé Butterfly Stick Pin with a Turquoise Gemstone [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

This silver and turquoise stick pin incorporates traditional Diné repoussé and stampwork that serves as a stunning frame to a fine piece of turquoise. Pieces such as this one were usually used as a part of traditional concha belts and called “butterflies.” They were placed between larger round conchas on the belts. 

Sometimes, pieces of a belt would be repurposed as pins or bola ties. However, this pin looks as if its original purpose was for a manta pin, as there is no evidence of it having been on a belt and there are wear patterns on the pin that could indicate it was used to secure a manta or shawl worn by Diné or Pueblo women. It is not signed and dates from the mid twentieth century. 

Although this item is too small to be used as a hair pin, it can be used to pin a scarf or sweater.

Note: when we say Diné, as opposed to Navaho or Navajo, we are referring to the people and not the government.  Since 1969, their government refers to itself as the Navajo Nation.

Condition: excellent condition.

Provenance: The Diné Silver Repoussé Butterfly Stick Pin with a Turquoise Gemstone is from the collection of a Santa Fe resident

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Jeweler Unknown
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