Navajo Silver and Turquoise Dangle Earrings with Arrow and Thunderbird Designs [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

A classic Fred Harvey style thunderbird dangles from a stamped arrowhead in these lightweight and easily wearable mid-century earrings. Each section of the earring has a small rectangular ocean blue turquoise gemstone. Surrounding the turquoise are carefully stamped circles, crescents, small arrows and zig-zag elements. 

Iconic images such as these arrowheads and thunderbirds are generally associated with Southwestern jewelry. These now classic forms were not necessarily designs that originated with the Native people who made them, but rather were designs that traders encouraged their silversmiths to include in their work made for travelers visiting the Southwest. Eventually this style became associated with Southwest art and design. 

Since much of the jewelry made for tourists was made of a lighter gauge silver, these earrings have everything a collector could ask for—a classic look, fine craftsmanship, deep blue turquoise as well as ease of wearability that a heavier weight would not have. 

Condition: the Navajo Silver and Turquoise Dangle Earrings with Arrow and Thunderbird Designs are in excellent condition. The turquoise is secure in the bezels and the silver is intact. Below, you can view an alternate view of the backside of one of the earrings and the simple hook for pierced ears.

Provenance: From the collection of a Santa Fe resident

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Alternate view of the backside of this earring and the simple hook for pierced ears.

Jeweler Unknown
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