Fred Harvey Style Diné Oval Sterling Silver Tray with Elegant Stamping [SOLD]


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Jeweler Once Known

This mid-twentieth century sterling silver ashtray made by a Diné silversmith of the Navajo Nation is exceptional in its shape, with a deep bowl, scallop edges and elegant stamped designs.  The stamped designs in the bowl are light in scale and executed in thin lines. Although thin, the designs were beautifully applied. The scallop edges are echoed in stamped arches.  The two cigarette holders have bolder stamping than that in the bowl. The bowl rests on four hemisphere silver balls.

Albert Schweizer was the kingpin of the Fred Harvey Company's development of handmade Indian goods for the traveling tourist. He pushed the silversmiths to make jewelry lighter in weight so it would be priced appealingly. He also encouraged them to make other souvenir items—tableware, salt & pepper shakers, sugar and creamer sets, letter openers, ashtrays, and other tempting items for the traveler to take back home. It is not known if this ashtray is a Fred Harvey production or not, but it is of the period.

Condition: this Fred Harvey Style Diné Oval Sterling Silver Tray with Elegant Stamping is in very good condition

Provenance: from the extensive collection of silver objects from a client in Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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Alternate View of the side of this tray - showing the feet.