Special Value Offer: Original Acrylic Painting “Santo Domingo Garden Bird” [SOLD]


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Helen Hardin, Santa Clara Pueblo Painter

Special Value Offer: The estate has authorized a 36% price reduction from $5500 to $3500.

Helen Hardin (1943-1984) Tsa-Sah-Wee-Eh - Little Standing Spruce was from Santa Clara Pueblo.  From the very beginning of her career, she was at the cutting edge of Indian-influenced art. Her art, though obviously drawing on her Indian heritage and tradition, was very much in the mainstream of modern aesthetics. This fine acrylic painting on artist board is dated 1979. It is a drawing of a bird, which she describes as from Santo Domingo Pueblo.  It is a work exhibiting exceptional drafting skills and superlative technical rendering. It is quite exceptional and striking, as the work of Helen Hardin tends to be, with a true sense of the complexities and intricacies involved in the creation of such a work.


The bird is elegant and regal as it prances among the beautiful floral elements around the area.  The mottled background of gold-colors and the overall use of gold in the paintings add to the regal stature of the elements.


Signature of Helen Hardin (1943-1984) Tsa-Sah-Wee-Eh - Little Standing SpruceThe painting is signed in lower right Tsa-Sah-Wee-Eh and with the small spruce tree and dated 1979.  It appears to have been recently re-framed and the framing is appropriate to the subject and is in excellent condition. 


Condition:  original condition

Provenance: from the estate of a client in Colorado

Recommended Reading:  Changing Woman: The Life and Art of Helen Hardin by Jay Scott

close up view


Helen Hardin, Santa Clara Pueblo Painter
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