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Rare Ohkay Owingeh Koosa Clown Carving [SOLD]


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Artist Unknown

Adobe Gallery clients are often surprised to learn that all New Mexico Pueblo villages have Katsinas and Katsina dolls.  As outsiders, we are not welcome to their Katsina dances nor are they allowed to make Katsina Dolls for sale.  New Mexico Pueblos are more conservative or secretive regarding Katsina ceremonies and Katsina Dolls.  Zuni Pueblo is the exception for New Mexico Pueblos and is more in line with the thinking at Hopi Pueblo regarding Katsina ceremonies and dolls. Hopi is the only current Pueblo that is in Arizona and is not near any of the New Mexico Pueblos. Hopi's distant location is probably one factor in their way of thinking and secrecy level about the Katsina cult (religion, dances, and dolls).

So, it is somewhat confusing and even rare to see a Koosa Clown carving from San Juan Pueblo, now known as Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo.  But perhaps, like Hopi, the Koosa is not considered to be a Katsina, therefore, a doll of this type may be made and allowed to be sold.

Condition: this Rare Ohkay Owingeh Koosa Clown Carving is in very good condition, no damage

Provenance: from the extensive Kachina - Katsina Doll collection of a family from Oklahoma.  It was originally purchased from John Hill Gallery in Scottsdale.

Close up view of the Koosa face.

Artist Unknown
C4050L-koosa.jpgC4050L-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.