San Ildefonso Polished Black Bowl signed Maria Poveka [SOLD]


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Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter

Signature of San Ildefonso Pueblo artist Maria Martinez (1887-1980) PovekaThis polished blackware shallow bowl was made in the 1950s by San Ildefonso Pueblo artist Maria Martinez. It is signed Maria Poveka, which means that it was created without the assistance of a family member for painted designs. Unpainted pieces like this one allow the viewer to appreciate Maria's elegant vessel forms and skillfully polished slips.

This particular piece has a gorgeous shape. The wall curves up just so slightly, forming a shallow bowl. The bowl has a smooth, natural look. It's as if it was created effortlessly, which we know not to be the case—even unpainted pieces like this one require incredible amounts of skill and effort to make. Often pottery in a near flat state tends to crack during the drying process, but when the edge is rolled up like this one, the clay has added strength.

The interior of the bowl was highly burnished. The burnishing rolls over the rim just so slightly. The underside of the bowl was left in the matte state.

San Ildefonso Pueblo artist Maria Poveka Martinez (1887-1980) is probably the most famous of all pueblo potters. She and her husband Julian discovered in 1918 how to produce the now-famous Black-on-black pottery, and they spent the remainder of their careers perfecting and producing it for museums and collectors worldwide. Maria collaborated with several family members over the years and made unpainted pieces on her own. She is one of the most influential and historically significant Native artists. Her works are included in major museum collections around the world, and she is frequently cited as one of the most influential Native American artists.

Condition: structurally excellent. There are a couple of extremely small pits on the polished surface but are insignificant.

Provenance: this San Ildefonso Polished Black Bowl signed Maria Poveka is from the estate of an Albuquerque family

Recommended ReadingThe Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez by Richard L. Spivey

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Alterante side view of this blackware plate.

Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter
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