Santa Clara Pueblo Historic Blackware Pottery Jar


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Potter Once Known

This gorgeous historic Santa Clara Pueblo water jar dates to the early 1900s. It is a beautiful example of the pottery produced during the era. Its form, which places a soft double shoulder and a gently flared neck above a wide body, is undeniably elegant. Its polished exterior is remarkable; it is smooth and consistent, changing only in reaction to the light around it. We do not know who made this piece, but it is clear that she was a phenomenal potter.

The jar's light wear pattern from handling and use is most evident around the base, but it's also visible at the rim, where one noticeable rim chip and a few smaller chips appear. These rim chips are neither sharp nor obtrusive, as continued handling sanded them down, leaving smooth edges. The rim of the concave base is consistently abraded, as is the area around it, leaving a cloudy circle of gray around the base. Light abrasions appear up above as well, but there is no structural damage or restoration. The wear from use on this piece adds much to its considerable appeal.

Condition: excellent condition with wear from use; one minor rim chip (see below)

Provenance: this Santa Clara Pueblo Historic Blackware Pottery Jar is from a private collection

Recommended Reading: THE STORY OF PUEBLO POTTERY Denver Art Museum - Denver Museum of Natural History, 1974

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Alternate view from the top of this beautiful jar.

Condition: excellent condition with wear from use, one minor rim chip


Potter Once Known
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