Santa Clara Pueblo 13-Piece Miniature Blackware Nacimiento Set [SOLD]


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Linda Jo′Povi Askan, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery

Artist Signature of Linda Jo’Povi Askan, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter This lovely 10-figure miniature nacimiento set with additional 3 separate gifts was made by Linda Jo’Povi Askan.  The set includes Mary, Joseph, Jesus, three kings with separate individual gifts, and four animals.  The humans’ robes are polished, and their interior sections have a matte finish.  The kings’ gifts—gold, frankincense, and myrrh, traditionally—are represented here by three tiny pots, which are not attached to the figures but rest comfortably within their hands.  Small details like jewelry, facial features, and markings on the figures’ clothing elevate these pieces beyond the average miniature figurine.  This is a wonderful nacimiento from Santa Clara Pueblo artist Linda Jo’Povi Askan.

The figures are signed Jo’Povi, Santa Clara Pueblo and dated ‘97.

Linda Jo’Povi Askan (1954- ) Cactus Flower is a potter of Santa Clara and Diné descent.  Linda attended the Institute of American Indian Arts after graduating from Espanola High School.  She began potting in 1984 and was taught her craft by her mother and grandmother.  She makes traditional red and black Santa Clara pottery, as well as various types of figurines.

Condition: this Santa Clara Pueblo 13-Piece Miniature Blackware Nacimiento Set is in excellent condition

Provenance: private New Mexico collection, originally purchased from Adobe Gallery in 1997.

Recommended Reading: Nacimientos - Nativity Scenes by Southwest Indian Artisans by Guy and Doris Monthan

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Linda Jo′Povi Askan, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery
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