Santa Clara Pueblo Candlesticks with Bird Designs [SOLD]


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Potter Once Known

These polished pottery candlesticks were made by an unknown Santa Clara Pueblo potter. They are unique, attractive examples of one of the many forms that Santa Clara potters made for the tourist market.

The candlesticks themselves are fairly standard, with partially hollowed-out cylinders standing vertically and small handles emerging from their sides. What is most unique is the shape of the bases—they likely represent birds, but the viewer might find characteristics of other creatures. Whatever the artist's intention may have been, these figures are appealing, and they work well as candlestick bases.

Two painted horizontal lines in tan circle each of the candlesticks' rims. An inverted kiva step pattern and a sideways cloud pattern hang down from each pair of horizontal lines, centering around the bird's heads down below. A wonderful palette of gray, pink, and mustard yellow pigments was used to fill in the hanging designs. The painted designs sit atop the type of rich red polished clay that is used often by Santa Clara artists. These colorful, beautifully crafted candlesticks will likely appeal to many.

Condition: good condition, some scratches and minor slip abrasions

Provenance: these Santa Clara Pueblo Candlesticks with Bird Designs are from a private New Mexico collection

Recommended Reading: Santa Clara Pottery Today by Betty LeFree, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 1975

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Potter Once Known
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