Small Original Oil Painting of Small Building


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Betty Jean Sabo, Southwest Painter

Betty Jean Sabo (1928 - 2016) signatureBetty Jean Beals, became Betty Jean Angelos when she first married, then Betty Jean Sabo when she married Dan Sabo who became her life partner.  Her earlier paintings were signed simply Angelos. Later ones were signed Sabo. This one is signed Sabo. It is not dated but most likely dates to the mid-1970s.  Following graduation from the University of New Mexico, she became a painter and continued painting until she reached age 60, at which time she switched to sculpture. Paint fumes were causing her to be sick.

Sabo and three of her friends opened and operated an art gallery in Albuquerque’s Old Town and primarily sold works by the four of them.  Their gallery became a meeting place for friends on weekends and many of these friends purchased paintings for the four artists.

This small painting could easily be one sold from the Old Town gallery as it is a convenient size which could be easily completed and framed for sale.  Sabo was an extremely popular Albuquerque artist, along with her mentor, Carl Von Hassler.

Sabo was an extraordinarily talented painter and never slacked off on detail even with small paintings such as this one.  Every board of the building was painted in the detail expected of her larger works. The grasses and shrubs in the foreground were rendered in several colors and in fine detail.  

The painting is most likely in the original frame as it is quite similar to those Sabo used for her art.

Condition: this Small Original Oil Painting of Small Building is in original condition; frame has a few nicks but nothing serious.

Provenance: from a gentleman in Santa Fe

Recommended Reading:  Masters of Western Art by Mary Nelson

Betty Jean Sabo, Southwest Painter
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