Sterling Silver Spiral Pin by Warm Springs Apache Artist Jan Loco [SOLD]


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Jan Loco, Apache Jeweler

This Apache sterling silver spiral pin reflects the unequaled creative artistry of Jan Loco. As she is no longer making jewelry, her work is eagerly sought by collectors. Spiral designs have been used by people worldwide since ancient times. For Southwestern Natives, the spiral represents and honors water, which to desert dwellers, is necessary for life. Her reverence for the natural world is apparent in the crafting of such pieces as she skillfully cut and shaped the silver creating wearable art that seems to flow like water.  

Jan Loco became interested in Apache symbolism and legend when, as a young adult, she discovered her Apache ancestry. Her jewelry designs were inspired by the stories of her ancestors, incorporating symbols and motifs reflecting the heavens, Apache legends as well as plants and animals of the Apache homeland.

Artist Signature of Jan Loco, Apache JewelerHer unique method of creating jewelry without power tools is a laborious task, but she felt it honored her ancestry to use items of nature rather than power tools. Using only heavy-duty shears, she cut and fashioned the silver to the desired shape, after which she hammered it with a specially selected rock until she achieved the texture she desired. The surface of the pin is textured. The pin is signed LOCO.

Condition: this pin is in excellent condition

Provenance: this Sterling Silver Spiral Pin by Warm Springs Apache Artist Jan Loco is from the collection of a Santa Fe resident

Recommended Reading: Indian Jewelry of the American Southwest by Sarah Peabody and William Turnbaugh

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Jan Loco, Apache Jeweler
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