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Tesuque Pueblo Hear No Evil Micaceous Rain God, circa 1900 [SOLD]


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Micaceous slipped rain god figures date to as early as 1893, as evidenced by one example exhibited at the Colombian Exposition in Chicago that year.  They continued to be made until 1905, and were revived by potters in the 1960s.

There were also a series of rain gods modeled after the proverb See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil.  This rain god figurine is the Hear No Evil variety.  It likely dates to circa 1900.  He has sculpted hair hanging over his forehead.  According to a survey of sixty-eight historic micaceous rain gods undertaken at the time the Rain God book was being written, this hairstyle was the least common and prevalent only in 15% of the sampling.  The figure has his hands over his ears so he will hear no evil.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: from a large collection of figurines from an Albuquerque family.  On the underside is taped a typed note that reads “Mrs. WF. Weil or C. Alpers”.  Written in ink on the leg under the pot is 58-12-2.

Recommended Reading: When Rain Gods Reigned—From Curios to Art at Tesuque Pueblo by Duane Anderson.

Close up view of the rain god's face.

25999-rain-god.jpg25999-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.