Hopi-Tewa Black and White on Red Pottery Jar [SOLD]


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

This Hopi-Tewa pottery jar from Hopi Pueblo appears to be from the early- to mid-twentieth century. The body is squat and wide, and the neck is long and straight up.  It is an intriguing vesels shape of a style created by a potter not afraid of experimenting with something new.  She succeeded in developing a charming work of art.

It is always tempting to assign a black and white painted design on a red Hopi-Tewa jar to the hands of Annie Healing Nampeyo (1884 - 1968) Quinchawa or even Garnet Pavatea (1915-1981) Flower Girl, however, there were other potters who made similar styles. It appears that the jar was signed with the name of the potter, but it is mostly obliterated.

Condition: this Hopi-Tewa Black and White on Red Pottery Jar is in very good condition

Provenance: from the extensive collection of a family from Colorado

Recommended Reading: Modern Hopi Pottery by Kathryn A. Sikorski

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Pueblo Potter Unknown
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