Otis Polelonema, Hopi Pueblo Painter

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Otis Polelonema Loadamosiva Springtime Fine Art Native American Paintings Painting Hopi Pueblo signature

Artist signature of Otis Polelonema, Hopi Pueblo PainterAward winning Hopi Pueblo artist Otis Polelonema is known for his accurately portraying Katsina images in his watercolor paintings.

Otis Polelonema  was also known as Loadamosiva (or Springtime). He was born Feb.2, 1902 at Shugopovi, Hopi Second Mesa, and died in 1981.  Dorothy Dunn stated that Polelonema was a strong artist and a true primitive and these facts jump straight to the eye. She further stated "Much of the charm of the paintings is inherent in their straightforward and rugged naiveté.  They reflect the artist's ability to override rules to the direct creation of his own techniques and devices in the matter of such bugaboos as perspective, light and shade, and color theory.  He masters them all, and how delightfully."

Otis Polelonema (1902-1981) Loadamosiva - Springtime won the Ann Evans Memorial Award in 1954 at the Denver Art Museum, followed by the Southwest Association on Indian Affairs Award and the Denman Prize in New Mexico exhibitions.  His works were included in every major exhibit, national and international, in the early 1900s.

Reference and Recommended Reading: American Indian Painting of the Southwest and Plains Areas, Dorothy Dunn

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