Tse Ye Mu Original Painting titled “Eagle Dance”


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Romando Vigil, Tse Ye Mu, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter

"Eagle Dance" is an original painting by Romando Vigil, or "Tse Ye Mu," of San Ildefonso Pueblo. Vigil's Eagle Dancers appear in black, white, and yellow, with touches of red appearing in certain areas. The black is bold and opaque, while the other colors are a bit wispier and more translucent.

Vigil's figures are wonderful, but it is his placement of those figures that elevates this piece beyond the typical example. Rather than hovering in the center of their image, they are positioned near the bottom, which makes it look as though they're dancing along the edge of the matting. It is an unusual choice, and it works beautifully. Their movements are lively and animated, too, which seems fitting. This is an excellent example of Romando Vigil's work.

Artist signature of Romando Vigil, Tse Ye Mu, San Ildefonso Pueblo PainterThe painting is signed Romando Vigil in lower right. The title, Eagle Dance, is written in lower left. The painting is framed beautifully using archival materials.

Romando Vigil (1902-1978) Tse Ye Mu - Falling Cloud was one of the San Ildefonso self-taught artists in the early part of the 20th century, which places him among the group that is recognized as the earliest known pueblo painters. He was the father of Albert Vigil and cousin of Tonita Peña. Vigil's works have been published in many major texts related to Native painting. He exhibited widely during his career, and his works have been placed in many prominent public and private collections. Romando Vigil was married to Maria Martinez's sister, Juanita. Their daughter was Carmelita Dunlap. For several years, he was employed by Walt Disney Studios as a painter and illustrator in the 1950s.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Tse Ye Mu Original Painting titled "Eagle Dance" is from a private New Mexico collection


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Alternate close up view of a section off this painting.

Romando Vigil, Tse Ye Mu, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter
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