Reycita Cosen, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

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Artist signature of Reycita Cosen, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterReycita Cosen (1927-2012), an award-winning artist, was not just a potter; she was a master of her craft, hailing from the Santa Clara Pueblo, a community renowned for its pottery. Her exceptional work was recognized multiple times at the prestigious annual Santa Fe Indian Market in New Mexico, a testament to her skill and creativity.

Born into a lineage of Santa Clara Pueblo pottery experts, Cosen's talent was nurtured from a young age. Her mother, Pasqualita Baca, and her aunt, Nestora Silva, were both accomplished potters, passing down their knowledge and passion for the craft. Cosen's sister, Helen Shupla, also carried on this family tradition, becoming a notable potter in her own right.

This rich heritage and the skills honed over a lifetime enabled Reycita Cosen to leave an indelible mark on the world of pottery, carrying forward the legacy of the Santa Clara Pueblo potters. Her life and work serve as an inspiring testament to the enduring artistry of her people.

According to Southwestern Association of American Indian Art's: Over the past century, the American Indian art world has been significantly shaped and sustained by Santa Fe's Indian market and tourist industry. The market provides income to artists and their families while serving as a vehicle that connects Native and non-Native worlds through the interactions it fosters. Indian Market has evolved out of years of these mutually influential interactions as artists react to collectors' demands and collectors react to artists' works. It is through these interactions that Native artists communicate cultural histories to non-Native visitors. In this respect, Indian Market has served as a forum for shared cultural exchanges.

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