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Zuni Pueblo Large Pottery Owl with two Owlets - C3974D

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Zuni Pueblo Pottery C3974DPottery making at Zuni almost died out at the beginning of the 20th Century.  Believing the Zuni were a "vanishing race," anthropologists from Eastern museums participated in the almost complete removal of pottery from the Pueblo. Boxcars were filled with ollas, dough bowls and other examples of Zuni material culture and sent back East. Young potters had no examples to look at, and residents of the pueblo had to rely on commercially-made vessels and containers for daily use.  The art and tradition of pottery making almost died out. Because jewelry was easier to ship, traders encouraged artists to make jewelry instead of pottery.


It was not until the mid-20th Century, under the tutelage of Hopi potter Daisy Hooee, was there a revival of the tradition of pottery making. Hooee, the granddaughter of Hopi potter Nampeyo of Hano, was married to Sidney Hooee, a Zuni silversmith. She lived at Zuni and taught pottery making. Since that time, there has been a gradual revival of pottery making at Zuni.





Zuni Puebo Pottery - C3974D









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