Southwest Indian Pottery

Origin: Laguna Pueblo, Ka'waika

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Southwest Indian Laguna Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art

Laguna Pueblo LogoThere is much indecision regarding the identification of Laguna Pueblo pottery as distinguished from the more popular Acoma Pueblo pottery.  Some authorities feel that Laguna pottery displays several features that can be used to identify it.  Others say that there is no accurate way to distinguish pottery of the two pueblos.

When the transcontinental railroad came to New Mexico, it brought travelers directly to the doorsteps of Laguna Pueblo.  Acoma was some 16 or so miles west of Laguna so they had no direct access to the tourist market except to take their pottery to the train stop at Laguna.  Since both Acoma and Laguna potters regularly sold their wares at Laguna, it is difficult to ascertain whether a purchase at Laguna was from an Acoma potter or a Laguna potter.

Laguna Pueblo is forty-six miles west of Albuquerque.  Laguna's Feast day is September 19th honoring their patron St. Joseph.

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Photo Source: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Website.