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Kewa Pueblo Deep Serving Bowl with Interior Design [SOLD]


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Special Value Offer: we have been authorized to offer this at a 1/3rd price reduction from the original price of $2450 to $1630.

This is an extraordinary fine Santo Domingo serving bowl that follows the pueblo's traditions in every aspect of materials, construction and design. The interior of the bowl is decorated in black vegetal paint over the traditional cream-colored rag-wiped bentonite slip. The exterior is without decoration, with the exception of a wide red band wiped onto the surface just below the rim. The natural clay exterior of the bowl was stone polished.

The interior design of this pottery bowl consists of dark black rain clouds encircling the bowl just below the framing line near the rim. The rim is painted black. Four stepped and stacked triangles in mirror image form radiate outward from the base of the bowl. What appears to have been a pod-like item was in the base of the bowl, but most of it is worn off from extensive use of the bowl. The interior of the bowl has developed a beautiful dark and rich patina from years and years of use at the pueblo prior to being on the market for sale. It is the richest patina I’ve ever seen on a serving bowl.

A printed paper label is attached to the bowl that reads as follows:

Guaranteed Handmade at 
Indian Pueblo, New Mexico 
Santa Fe . New Mexico 


ConditionGood condition with vertical crack stabilized. Small interior rim chip. Beautiful warm patina from decades of use.

Recommended Reading: A River Apart: The Pottery of Cochiti & Santo Domingo Pueblos by Valerie Verzuh, et al.

1165452573.jpg1165452573b.jpg Click on image to view larger.