Kewa Pueblo Rare Black-on-red Large Dough Bowl [SOLD]


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

A very large, rare Santo Domingo Pueblo black-on-red pottery dough bowl. The interior is decorated with a "lazy V" design at the rim, under which is a continuous band of clouds. In the bottom of the inside is a dual floral design.


Black-on-red pottery at Kewa Pueblo appears to have had its beginning around 1880 or a little later.  Whether it was a single family or not has not been determined.  It is known that the Aguilar sisters made Black-on-red in the late 19th century (probably from 1890 to 1915) but whether they were the first is not known. 


The large dough bowl probably dates to the late 1800s.  It is unusual in that the interior is decorated but the exterior is not.  There is no evidence of use at the pueblo so perhaps it was sold before being used too frequently.  It is not likely that it was made to be sold because large items like this were not of interest to tourists who had to figure out how to get such an item home.  It is likely that it was made to be used at the pueblo but was not used frequently.


Condition: this Kewa Pueblo Rare Black-on-red Large Dough Bowl is in very good condition


Provenance: Mr. Jim Silva who had a store in Bernalillo, New Mexico, had a small "museum" in one room of the store and he put away items of interest to him.  Following his death in the early 1990s, his daughter Rose began selling those items.  We purchased this bowl from Rose in 1993 and have had it in the gallery collection since.



Pueblo Potter Unknown
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