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Kewa Pueblo Polychrome Olla With Birds


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Potter Unknown

This jar dates to the late 1800s, perhaps 1880.  It is a traditional Kewa jar made for home use by the potter and it displays wear from use on the interior. The birds are elegant, standing upright and proud, and have beautiful tail feathers.  There is no division of design area at the neck of the vessel but the entire cream-slipped area was devoted to design.  The rim is black with a ceremonial line break.  There are two concentric framing lines at the base of the design, each with a ceremonial line break.  There is a wide red band on the interior of the neck and one under the lower framing lines.

AL's NOTE: Edna Norton, who used to work in the pottery room of The Covered Wagon in Albuquerque’s Old Town called me one evening (June 23,1983) and said a man was at her house with some pottery and she thought I should come over and take a look at it. When I got there, it was all Historic pottery and I had never purchased any before. I had no idea what to offer for the 12 or so pieces. I only had so much money in my checking account so I offered all I had available. Edna told the man that was a good offer and he should accept it. I was afraid I had offered too much, but in retrospect, I did extremely well. This purchase is what launched me into collecting, and later dealing, in historic pottery!



Potter Unknown
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