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Eagle Dancers from “Pueblo Dancers” Portfolio (1 of 5 Lithographs)


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Patrick Swazo Hinds (1929-1974) Grey Squirrel - José Patricio Swazo

This image of A Pair of Eagle Dancers is from “Pueblo Dancers” Portfolio (1 of 5 Lithographs).

Pueblo Dancers is a suite of five original lithographs by Patrick Swazo Hinds, drawn and hand printed at Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico during the months of September and October 1972. Click on the second detail image link (to the right) to see the other 4 lithographs in the portfolio.


The edition consists of 70 numbered impressions on buff Arches paper, plus two Tamarind Impressions, and seven artist's proofs. In addition, a few trial proofs exist and are recorded at Tamarind. Each in this set is numbered 20 of 70.


Tamarind Master Printer Harry Westlund printed the lithographs. All stones and plates have been effaced. Letterpress by the Plantin Press, Los Angeles.


Published by Art Consultants, Ltd. Phoenix, Arizona.


The suite was encased in a hard folder embossed with the artist's name on the cover. The individual lithographs have been removed and are offered individually.

Condition: Each of the pages has one small hole in the same location on each sheet that appears to have been penetrated at the same time. The hole in each page is about the diameter of a toothpick and is not located in the image, but near the top of the page in a position that could be covered with proper matting. Otherwise, each of the lithographs is in excellent original condition.


Patrick Swazo Hinds (1929-1974) Grey Squirrel - José Patricio Swazo
25107A-litho.jpg25107A-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.