Patrick Swazo Hinds, Tesuque Pueblo Painter

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Unquestionably the outstanding Tesuque Pueblo painter and one of the most outstanding of all the pueblo artists was Patrick Swazo Hinds (1929-1974) Grey Squirrel. Adopted at the age of 9 by a California family, Swazo grew up off the reservation but returned every summer to Tesuque. It is this exposure to a different way of life that is probably responsible for his style of art and that, in turn, is responsible for his wide appeal and his great success as an artist.

Artist signature of Patrick Swazo Hinds, Tesuque Pueblo Painter

Patrick Swazo Hinds (1929-1974) Grey Squirrel was given the name José Patricio Swazo. He was adopted by Dr. Norman A. E. Hinds, honorary member of Tesuque Pueblo and Professor of Geology at the University of California for 45 years. Not long after his adoption, Swazo moved to California where he resided until his death. He usually spent his summers at the pueblo. He served in the United States Marine Corps and served in Korea. His education included attendance at High School in Berkeley, California; Hill and Canyon School of Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico; California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland; Mexico City College, Mexico City, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Swazo's paintings reflect a combination of the traditional with a more modern style. He successfully combined his Native American inheritance by birth with education and exposure to a wide variety of non-Indian artists and their work.

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