Dan Namingha Original Painting “Fragments of Symbolism XI”


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Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo Artist

“Fragments of Symbolism XI” is an original painting by Hopi-Tewa artist Dan Namingha.  One of Namingha’s greatest strengths as an artist is his ability to combine traditional Hopi symbolism with personalized abstraction.  This piece, which was completed in 2001, is an excellent example of Namingha’s unique vision.  This seamless combination of old and new will appeal to many, regardless of their level of familiarity with Hopi symbology.

The painting features two kachina elements over a beautifully composed background.  The large central element uses a carefully arranged combination of shapes to form an abstracted kachina mask.  Each of these shapes contains its own pattern, each one of which is entirely unique but pleasantly complementary to the others.  These seemingly disparate patterns combine wonderfully, surrounding and occasionally crossing over one another, creating a unique and beautiful feeling of depth.

A trio of black lines forms the second kachina element.  It’s a tall, thin form—more of a shadow of an outline than a detailed depiction.  It hovers over the left side of the larger mask element, providing with its tableta the painting’s most direct link to the physical world.  Namingha’s color choices, as always, are excellent.  Their depth matches that of the elegantly composed kachina mask, creating an exceptionally rich and rewarding image.

Artist Signature of Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo ArtistThe canvas is wrapped around a wood frame.  Its exterior edges are painted black.  It is signed Namingha in lower left.  The title, date (2001) and an additional signature are handwritten on verso.

Dan Namingha (1950- ) is a Hopi-Tewa painter and sculptor who comes from a long line of influential artists.  Namingha is the son of Dextra Quotskuyva Nampeyo. His great grandmother was Annie Healing Nampeyo, and his grandmother was Rachel Namingha Nampeyo.  He was raised on the Hopi reservation. Namingha studied at University of Kansas, Institute of American Indian Arts, and the American Academy of Art.  His list of awards, accolades, notable exhibitions, and major collectors is long and varied. Namingha is frequently referred to as one of the most successful Native American artists working today.

Condition: original condition

Provenance: this Dan Namingha Original Painting "Fragments of Symbolism XI" is from a private Michigan collection, originally purchased through Niman Fine Art

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Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo Artist
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