Dan Namingha Original Painting titled “Dusk at Hopi” [SOLD]


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Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo Artist

“Dusk at Hopi” is an excellent example of Dan Namingha’s ability to create unique, striking landscapes.  A line of soft red crosses the painting horizontally, just above the center.  This red line varies in height, forming the painting’s most naturalistic element: distant Hopi mesas.  Up above, the sky is all black, save for a thin line of turquoise passing behind the mesas.  These two colors work together to create an elegantly abstracted depiction of a sky in a state of transition.  Down below, Namingha’s color palette expands, using brilliant blue, red, and green tones over blocks of earthy brown and orange. 

“Dusk at Hopi” is an original painting by Hopi-Tewa artist Dan Namingha.  At 16 inches in height and seven feet in width, it is a large and impressive piece.  We have hung the painting over a long showcase in the gallery to illustrate its scale.  It looks incredible and has been admired by many visitors, but the time has come to find it a permanent home.  We suggest that collectors of Hopi artwork who have an appropriate space give this piece serious consideration.

Namingha’s keen eye for color is one of his great strengths as an artist, and that gift shines through in this piece.  It was completed 27 years ago, but it doesn’t feel dated.  Rather, it feels quite fresh, and that is due in large part to Namingha’s ability to consistently create timeless color schemes and graceful compositions.  These strengths play well with the painting’s unique shape, creating a landscape that feels appropriately expansive and beautiful.

Artist Signature of Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo ArtistThe painting is signed Namingha in the lower left.  The following text is written on verso: “‘Dusk at Hopi’, 1994, Dan Namingha”.

Dan Namingha (1950- ) is a Hopi-Tewa painter and sculptor who comes from a long line of influential artists.  Namingha is the son of Dextra Quotskuyva Nampeyo. His great grandmother was Annie Healing Nampeyo, and his grandmother was Rachel Nampeyo.  He was raised on the Hopi reservation. Namingha studied at University of Kansas, Institute of American Indian Arts, and the American Academy of Art.  His list of awards, accolades, notable exhibitions, and major collectors is long and varied. Namingha is frequently referred to as one of the most successful Native American artists working today.

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Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Dan Namingha Original Painting titled "Dusk at Hopi" is from a private New Mexico collection

Photography by Andrew Southard

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Alternate close-up view of a section of this painting.

Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo Artist
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