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Historic Acoma Pueblo Very Large Olla


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Alternate view of side panel design.

Early Acoma Black-on-white ollas generally have bold designs such as seen on this jar.  The mid-body design features canted rectangles comprised of bars filled with black parallel fine lines.  There are three horizontal bands with these elements—neck, mid-body and lower body.  Jars with bounded hachure lines like these became very common after 1890.  Harlow & Lanmon p.158

Complimentary with the bounded hachure designs are black triangles, triangular caps with paired ears, some of which have an eye in the middle.  Those elements are limited to only the center band of design.  This design facilitates dating this jar to circa 1900.

The black paint (actually dark brown) was applied in sufficient density to produce a strong appearance and there is evidence in the fineness of detail that the potter was very experienced in constructing and decorating pottery.  This is one of the most beautifully executed pottery jars of the period and was undoubtedly from the hand of one of the most experienced and talented potters at Acoma.

The jar is impressively large, the design is bold in execution, and the vessel makes a commanding presence.  It needs to be seen in person to appreciate its boldness and beauty.

Condition: a very small interior rim chip has been professionally conserved, otherwise it is in excellent condition.

Provenance: from an individual in Santa Fe

Reference: The Pottery of Acoma Pueblo by Harlow and Lanmon

Alternate view of side panel design.

C3969K-acoma.jpgC3969K-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.