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Historic San Ildefonso Double Chamber Stirrup Canteen


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Alternate view of the outside ends of each lobe of this canteen.The function for which such an historic canteen was made is not known.  It has been stated that they were used in ceremonial occasions, such as baptism, weddings, and such, but I have not found reference to that in any published document.  The two chambers are connected so that liquid can flow from one to the other.


What is most unusual about this one are the bird's heads on the neck near the spout. There are bird's eyes and a beak. From the bird's head, a long neck leads down to a body with feathers. On the sides of the globular orbs, are what appears to be the bird's wings. This San Ildefonso Pueblo canteen dates to circa 1910. The name of the potter and the purpose for which she made it may remain a mystery, but the uniqueness and beauty are quite obvious.


Condition:  very good condition with some paint abrasion

Provenance: this Historic San Ildefonso Double Chamber Stirrup Canteen from a client from Colorado

Recommended Reading:  The Pueblo Indians of San Ildefonso by William Whitman

Alternate Top view - bird motif

C3924F-double-lobe.jpgC3924F-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.